Check out this great video -- learn about Steve's music and story, listen to his finger-picking and songs from his "The Road" album.  Filmed at Steve's West Channel Music Studio in Rochester, Minnesota.

"I'm Gonna Leave the city"

Steven J. Schmidt performs a solo version of "I'm Gonna Leave The City"

"For All My LiFe"

 Steven J. Schmidt performs a full band arrangement of "The Road"  with Steve Lehto, Lead Guitar; Lisi Wright, Fiddle; Ben Kaplan, Drums; John Wright, Bass; and Dan Neal, Guitar 


There could be no better title for this CD. His guitar work is extraordinary; embracing the sad whimsy of a Nick Drake and the creative fury of a Leo Kottke. It is a perfect CD for anyone who enjoys great guitar and great stories."

Ken Onstad, President - New Folk Records/Loud Folk Records

The Road

The Road is more than just a well-recorded album. It speaks because it offers a glimpse into those gritty places in life most of us know well, offered through storytelling that is heartfelt and vulnerable.

Guy Mendilow, Composer/Performer/Educator